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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Staged Is A Viral Traffic Generator

In my last post I was telling you about an awesome program called Staged where you can share videos and make money. Today, I'll get a little more in depth so you can see how you can make Staged work for you. And believe me it's totally awesome!

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Staged is a Viral Traffic generator, meaning that just by using it, it advertises itself. You can create an unlimited stream of traffic for yourself, or even a substantial residual income stream that pays you month after month.

The key to making that happen as fast as possible is to make sure you share "relevant" videos with the largest audiences possible. What I mean by relevant is making sure the content of the video is of interest to the group of people you are sharing it with.

For example, you will have more success sharing a funny video about cats with a group of cat/dog/animal enthusiasts than you will with a group of Nascar fans. The more interesting someone finds your video, the greater the chance that they will share your Staged URL with others. And whether you are using Staged to drive traffic to a website you own, or your goal is to build an income stream with the Staged business opportunity, that's how it's going to happen!

So who are you going to share your videos with? That's easy. Facebook literally has MILLIONS of groups that you can join and share your videos with. There's a group for almost any imaginable topic you could think of and you can join any, or all of them. The largest group on Facebook right now has over 5 million members. Now, that's a lot of exposure!

Then there are the other Social Media sites, Twitter, Bebo, Hi5, Perfspot, etc. There's also sites like Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon. All of them allow you to share your Staged video URLs. Even news sites like allow you to post comments at the end of their articles. If you come across a video that's relevant to the article create a Stage with it and share your Staged URL. The possibilities are almost limitless.

To recap, and this is critical to your success, you need to remember to share RELEVANT videos! If the topic of your video isn't relevant to the group of people you are sharing it with, the chance that anyone will share your Staged URL with others is minimal.

So to ensure your success with Staged I need to say it one more time, make sure that the subject content of your video is relevant to the group of people you are sharing it with. If you do, the sky is the limit!

See You There: Staged Viral Traffic Generator

To Your Success,

Chad Flick

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