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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

1 SEO Trick 2300+ Optins Per Day

Today I have something pretty incredible for you! I just watched a video that showed how a guy is doing 1 "SEO" trick and getting over 2,300 optins per day! (I had been doing this for a few years now just not this way which is much easier).

I would have to bet that this has been overlooked by so many people it would make you crazy. I'm pretty sure most people have never even heard of this method before.

I always get excited when I can share something that I know will work for you so I hope you are prepared to be excited too! :-)

You can see the video here: ==> SEO Trick

This is one of the BEST ways I've ever seen to get on page #1 in Google WITHOUT doing SEO. He just sends out a few emails, and days later he's on page #1 - for VERY competitive keywords.

Check out the video here to see proof: ==> SEO Trick

To Your Success,

Chad Flick

P.S. - Yes, he's getting 2,300 optins a DAY consistently from this one trick. And it's something that NO ONE is doing...

==> SEO Trick

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