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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

In Depth Underground Traffic Blueprints Review

I have just had a chance to review Jeremy Gislason's and Simon Hodgkinson's, long awaited Underground Traffic Blueprints a few days early. For the amount of time we had to wait for this to come out, and for it being touted as "Game Changing", "Underground", "Nothing Held Back" and the "Ultimate Traffic Rush", it had a lot to live up too.

So how did it do? Get ready for a lot of information... I'm really going to go in depth here, so let's get started.

Well, from the start it's a daunting, huge series, 36 videos of over eight hours of brand new video in the first section alone, and almost another 4 hours when you include the second bonus set of videos. All together, this series is providing an underground traffic blueprint with over 11 different ways of driving paying traffic past your thank you pages and into your bank account, and best of all it has a surprise ending!

It will literally take you days to get through this series, because you are bound to want to stop and take notes all along the way.

It's not hard to follow the content and while the techniques are somewhat complicated at times, they are explained well and the flow charts included, give you a step-by-step action plan, with more than enough proof and examples to keep you motivated.

The video quality is great in this series; it never buffered, even while dripping through my slow wifi connection and the graphics were pro and explained the themes to a "T".

My only complaint is in the audio of the second bonus. It was a little off in places, as if it was recorded using different equipment. However, it definitely was not bad enough to distract from the vital information. Therefore, if you equate huge amounts of information as valuable, you won't be let down. More importantly, if you're after cutting edge, "underground" money making secrets that you won't find anywhere else, you'll get them too, especially from the surprise ending!

In fact, if I didn't have to write this blog post, I'd already be spending more time exploring the back door which Jeremy and Simon found left open by (A really BIG search engine, sorry that's all I can say at this time.) which they expose in the very first phase!

Phase 1 Part 1:

Here are the stats: How does 1,700-targeted visitor's per-penny sound? That is only $17.00 dollars for 1,700 prequalified customers, in any niche visiting your offer regardless of the prevailing average cost of keywords for that niche!

This is the essence, of the first phase of the blueprint, and each phase keeps getting better!

Using this first phase's underground tactics, you can literally have "crap for copy", make only one sale, and still come out ahead!

Now imagine what's happening as I test this on one of my own offers which is averaging 5 to 10% conversions with only two dollars in profits per sale.

10% conversion out of 1,700 visitors = 170 paying customers
170 customers x $2.00 = $340

Not bad for seventeen bucks!

All this is from Jeremy and Simon revisiting ideas, that other people did not think worked anymore and scouring it for underground loopholes. Now we can take advantage of the "cheapness" of this opportunity until everyone realizes what we are "up to". This is a whole new underground spin on image ads that you can prove out yourself, by risking as little as $10.00 and getting in the neighborhood of 1,000 hungry visitors!

Without any "Black Hat" tactics!

Forget everything that you think, you know about keyword research and pay-per-click advertising. This is a brand new blueprint, with time saving brand new tools! One of the simple tricks inside for keyword researching alone has already saved me a half hour every day!

I surmise, even a "newbie" could stop after this first section of Phase 1 and set up and organize a working plan, per this blueprint. They could, write their own copy and make their own image ad, by following the step-by-step tutorial and make back several times the cost of the course, (on auto-pilot) even before they have time, to finish the rest of the video series!

Phase 1, Part 2:

The 8 Million Visitor Section is just as awesome as the first section because 8 million visitors is really the potential. Unfortunately, this second section entails a little more patience than the first section, but once implemented, this blueprint teaches you everything you need to build your own traffic-driving "Hard Internet Asset" that will keep growing in real value while sending more targeted traffic to your offers every day.

This second section of Phase 1 is another "whole and complete blueprint", this time, for setting up and filling a [INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK] site that will dominate any niche you put it on. (I can't reveal the type of site here as it wouldn't really be fair to the guys and their customers, you'll thank me later)

So, Instead of chasing traffic around the Internet, like a hungry dog, this asset will draw traffic to you, while paying dividends with every offer, and increasing its own "cashing out" value every day.

You could easily earn $200-$300 a month off this blueprint and cash out for $30,000 or more in a year if you wanted to get out.

Phase 1 Part 3:

The next section of Phase 1 takes a fresh look at the oldest profession on the web "Article marketing". This "underground look" uncovers a "different" world that of the "extreme article market".

The extreme article market, is not what it looks like on the surface and once you get your underground, "back-stage" pass, you'll understand why you haven't been making the profits the Guru's have been promising.

This is a complete article marketing espionage kit, with secret code syntax's for peeking under the hoods of article directory sites. You can then cut the strings of the puppet masters and put your articles in the money spot. Jeremy and Simon even expose the "grey hat strategies" you are up against so you can take "appropriate action".

Finally, in this section they show you how to leverage one man with writer's block, into an award-winning article-writing machine, even if he types with his elbows!

Phase 2 Part 1:

This phase SHOCKED me because it did a better job of explaining to me why you and I spend so much time on social media, better than anyone else has ever been able to do.

There is a problem you, I, and every one of the 400 million plus users on Facebook share and when you see this real problem for what it is, you will understand why so many forms of marketing in the social media arena fall short of expectations.

This section covers a whole separate social media traffic blueprint that blurs the line between business and pleasure so profitably it may be the only thing you'll ever want to do online!

Phase 3:

This phase is a complete blueprint to follow for crushing the competition using SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

This underground formula is devoid of any "Black Hat" crap that will get you in trouble later on, but it does contain some of the "Gray Hat" methods that fortune 500 hundred companies use to bury negative press.

Some marketers are using some of this to edge out the competition but the people who know all of these underground tactics, are the ones charging monstrous retainers to clients who want guaranteed results for their domains and they get it!

If you use the power of this underground search engine optimization strategy, you can dominate the search engines even when people are looking up or searching for your competitors!

Everything you need to accomplish search engine domination is here. How to do the research, where to find the tools and how to use them, how to make the links, where to put them, leveraging your work over and over, even how to set-up a system of outsourcing and automation to scale your dominance across several niches and keep yourself on top!

Just as important as what to do-this specific underground blueprint explains what not to do, so the search engines do not turn around and slap you for crossing the line!

Phase 4:

Massive Traffic through PPV, CPV or pay-per-view and cost-per-view:
Jeremy and Simon, have gone all "subterranean" in this underground five part series, unearthing the reasons I see many of my friends losing their shirts in the Contextual Advertising Networks.

You will find that even the people who are making profits in the networks are still leaving lots of money on the table, I believe it's because no one has ever been able to put together such a complete blueprint on this subject, explaining all of the factors and how they relate.

Other courses and video series on this subject have shoveled on the fluff, while Jeremy and Simon dig up why regular keyword research does not produce results and how you could squeeze every once out of each penny you spend on advertising.

These two guys have really outdone themselves by sharing tools which I'm surprised they didn't keep secret. It's really the only plan I have ever seen on CPV worth considering taking the time to make scalable.

Two Extra Bonuses:

I am going to skip right past one of the bonuses just so I can be the first to tell you about the second.

This Bonus is the "$50,000 Dollar a Month Traffic Blueprint".

I don't know where to start explaining this underground blueprint because this out-of-the-box-idea actually starts inside a box just like the ones that are on the edges of every manicured lawn, in front of every neatly tended home, all across suburbia.

The mailbox!

If you were hoping to find the big game changer this bonus is it!

You are going to hear a lot more about this, in the future because now that Jeremy and Simon have let this out of Pandora's Box we are going to see all kinds of changes in the way money is made on the Internet.

This Direct-mail/Internet hybrid blueprint is going to upset apple carts all over the web. This underground tactic was originally stumbled-upon by two college kids with a thousand dollar credit limit who within six months have made over a half a million dollars!

Because this new tactic works in and out, of both the cyber and brick and mortar worlds, even the "underground" insiders won't be able to forecast its impact!

Why, Jeremy and Simon are giving away a step-by-step blueprint to this valuable hybrid secret as a bonus, can only mean that even they, don't understand its true potential.

Hit this link now to get one of the best marketing courses you'll ever get your hands on: Underground Traffic Blueprints

See you there!

To Your Success,

Chad Flick

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