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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tools That Will Help You Succeed

You've heard me talk about one of my Ultimate favorite tools in my internet marketing arsenal. I'm referring to my LeadsLeap membership. Today I'm going to share with you just a couple of the tools that are only exclusively available for LeadsLeap members and why you will want to start making use of them too! Make sure you read this entire post because I don't want you to miss anything!

I'll start with how you can't go wrong with the price of the membership because its Free to join. Always a big plus in my book. :-)

Let me say right here, just because it's Free, don't think it's another one of those "NO VALUE" Free B.S. memberships!

First, it helps you to build your own network of leads. This is your very own network of leads that you can use to promote all your future businesses!

Second, you can post your ad in the system for free and promote your other businesses.

Third, the system has not 1 but 3 income streams to help you to make money, for life!

Income stream #1 - You earn commission from their one-time-offer. This is a 'super value' offer which is only offered once to their new members. If you have been in the online marketing business, you would know that the conversion rate of one-time-offer is superbly high, especially when the offer is simply too crazy to reject!

Income stream #2 - You earn monthly recurring commissions from their Pro advertising membership. The Pro advertising membership provides tremendous value that can massively increase the Pro members' earnings. When Pro members make more money, they will continue to stay as a Pro member. This means you will continue to earn commissions every month!

Income stream #3 - You earn 50% from all other LeadsLeap products FOR LIFE. This means whenever your referrals purchase any of their products in the future, you will still earn 50% commission.

That is just for starters! Next you will get these free downloads that are exclusively available for LeadsLeap members ONLY.

Mind Your Own Business Listbuilder Script Rebrandable Software: Affiliate ID Manager

The (M.Y.O.B.) Mind Your Own Business Listbuilder Script and the Rebrandable Software: Affiliate ID Manager.

Once your logged in you can access these downloads immediately.

Next I'm going to talk about some cool tools that you can use to become a better affiliate marketer. One is their Advanced Link Cloaker. I don't call it an Adavanced Link Cloaker because I want to hype it.

The link cloaker really does have some advanced features that are not found in other link cloaking services.

Just to give you some idea:

It is 100% free from other people's ads. A link cloaker is meant to increase your conversion rate, not reduce!

Its Dual-URL feature allows you to send traffic to other sites without losing your affiliate commission. (Hint: This is a powerful feature used by experienced marketers!)

You can use the Time-Sensitive AdFrame feature to promote other products and boost the conversion. (Another powerful feature not available everywhere!)

The Advanced Link Cloaker is one my my favorite tools, check out my testimonial towards the bottom of their homepage, its an old pic... you should get a kick out of it anyway, but I digress.

Another great tool availabable to LeadsLeap members ONLY (which you've seen in action right here at this blog) that will help you double your click-thru and opt-in rates is their Free ad tool called SlideSense.

LeadsLeap SlideSense Demo Available Here

You can use SlideSense for an Opt-in form or simply as a Text ad.

It's non-obtrusive.

You can get your visitors' attention without annoying them with an obtrusive popup.

It's easy to set up

Absolutely no script to install. If you can set up Google Adsense, you can set up SlideSense.

It's highly customizable

Almost every component of SlideSense can be customized, from the image, text link , font, opt-in settings and even the animation speed.

You can use it on as many websites or blogs as you like!

As you can see being a Free LeadsLeap member has its benefits, and these are just a couple.

I'm pretty sure that you see my point by now so what do I want you to do?

I want you to start making use of these awesome tools yourself and you can earn money at the same time that's what I want you to do. I know how much you hate it when I show you Free stuff that can make you more money! :-)

Get started here: LeadsLeap Online Income Builder

See you on the inside!

To Your Success,

Chad Flick

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