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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bad News Then The Good News

All I can say about this is "Wow, That sucked". I don't know if you seen this yet but I recently sent out a promotion about a system that's helping people make $19,821.22 in only 17 days... without any expenses.

What's even worse is that this powerhouse system actually works!

But that's not the bad news...

The bad news is ClickBank was having "issues" over the past few days and I received over 285 emails from angry subscribers saying they couldn't get the system!

Obviously, I wasn't too happy about that!

I seriously felt so bad about how many people had tried but missed this incredible opportunity I contacted Jonny who then contacted ClickBank personally to get the problem fixed.

Here's the good news!

Problem Solved! Here's Your Link
Money Siphon System

Plus, when I spoke to Jonny about the issue, he agreed to keep the price down ONLY for another few hours so you can get this system before the cost goes up.

Once again, if you weren't able to get in... here's your chance!

Grab your copy while you still can!
Money Siphon System

To Your Success,

Chad Flick

P.S. Seriously. This system is the real deal if you're struggling to make it. Perfect for you if you're new and it's perfect for you if you're still trying to make that first $100/day.

If you've been paying attention to anything I've been saying you already know I don't promote just anything...

But THIS system is what got many people started online...

So yes. It works.

You Can Get It Here Now: Money Siphon System

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