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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Get F-r-e-e Targeted Website T.raffic

If you are looking for a great way to get some
free traffic to your website, well look no further.
allows you to drive free targeted
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I use it myself and I am
getting some great results. I am happy to share them with you.

To Your Success,

Chad P. Flick

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Thursday, July 27, 2006

It Doesn't Get Any Easier Than This

I LOVE this kind of f-r-e-e ad.vertising! I use a couple sources that work like this. It really doesn't get any easier. You can join f-r-e-e, and I found that it is quite responsive, so of course I'll pass it on to you too! Enjoy:

To Your Success,

Chad P. Flick

P.S. Here's your "FireStarter For Freedom":
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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Re: This Will Knock Your Socks Off

I thought I really should add this post(PRWeb Press Release) as it has to do with today's first post! Enjoy:

Harris Fellman, fast-becoming recognized as one of the most innovative forces in Internet marketing today - yet completely unknown six months ago, is living proof that anyone – even a stay at home parent with no list, no products and no contacts – can build a fool-proof Internet marketing system and make over six figures in twelve weeks starting from scratch. Beginning the week of July 24, 2006, Fellman unveils his latest rocket-powered Internet marketing model: four 6 week simultaneous Internet marketing modules delivered via teleseminars and presented by 25 of the biggest names in the Internet marketing industry today. Watch the takeoff at

Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) July 25, 2006 -- What’s it like to go from camping out in utter obscurity with a baby in a basement with no list, no products and no connections to bursting onto the Internet marketing scene as the newest major player by generating over $184,000 and 12,492 new subscribers – in, say, about 12 weeks?

Just ask Harris Fellman, the creator of 12 Week Intensive, Codename Catalyst and soon to be released

Fellman says his new project’s line up is based on his not-too-top-secret formula of: 1-Savvy Bootstrap Entrepreneur; 4-6 week modules based on his subscriber’s top internet marketing challenges of affiliate marketing, copywriting, list building and viral marketing; and 25 top internet marketing experts, including Brad Antin, Chris Atwood, Matt Bacak, Russell Brunson, Jeremy Burns, Patrick Chan, Michael Cheney, Ewen Chia, Patrick Coffey, Mike Filsaime, Michel Fortin, Mark Joyner, Tim Knox, Tellman Knudson, Dearl Miller, Jo Han Mok, Craig Perrine, Joshua Shafran, Yanik Silver, Ric Thompson, Joe Vitale, Keith Wellman and Kevin Wilke.

Literally an unknown in the Internet marketing world when he started out in December 2005, Harris Fellman transformed his profile to a rising star in a few short weeks with his first project, 12 Week Intensive. By mid-December 2005, Fellman convinced leading Internet marketers like Jay Conrad Levinson to agree to promote his project, be interviewed and to invite their subscribers to join Fellman’s list.

With results and connections like these, even the top Internet marketers took notice. Here’s what Mark Joyner, best-selling marketing author says about Harris, ""Harris came out of nowhere with 12 Week Intensive and got better results with his marketing and promotion than some of the seasoned experts I've seen. What can I say? The guy's amazing!"

How does Harris do it? Not one to keep closely held secrets, he recently packaged up his success story as Codename Catalyst,, a $197.00 virtual resource guide on how to generate income and subscribers that details the 12 week Intensive internet marketing success model.

For more information, visit

This Will Knock Your Socks Off

You know I don't get excited very easily. And
I don't over-hype every little marketing product
that comes out.

But what I'm about to tell you about actually
has me extremely excited (for you) for the
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You should click on the link below and sign up
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Registration for this series is now open and
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I'm personally participating in this as well
and I'm sure you'll get alot out of it, too.
Well, you'll just have to go to the site for now
to see why I'm so excited for you.

To Your Success,

Chad P. Flick

P.S. It won't cost you a penny to sign up. (In
fact, it's "B_E_T_T_E_R_ _T_H_A_N_ _F_R_E_E"!)
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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I'm Ad.vertising Your Site For You Right Now for

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To Your Success,

Chad Flick

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Monday, July 24, 2006

Re: Massive P.rofits From Tiny Lists

If you could learn how to build a list of 2,000 readers in under 30 days...


Use that list to earn $3,000 every month including your very first month...


Learn how to do it at an insanely low price...

Would you take action? Truth is, if you can't afford $10.00 for this, you problably shouldn't be in business on the net!

To Your Success,

Chad P. Flick

P.S. Also See:
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Friday, July 21, 2006

Next 10 People

Here's a deal for the next 10 people who join my GDI team!

I'm preparing a website rotator for an advertising campaign and I will ad the websites with the ID's of the next 10 people who decide to join my team! I'm calling it the "FireStarter For Freedom" team rotator! Now, the catch is that you must be active after your F-r-e-e 7 day trial! Now let me be clear, that this will only happen for the next 10 people who join, and it really shouldn't take long, so you might want to jump on this right away!

I look forward to working with you!

To Your Success,

Chad P. Flick

P.S. If this works out well, I'll consider adding more ID's or possibly setting up another rotator!
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Thursday, July 20, 2006

The 5 Reasons Why You *Must* Get Into the Software Industry Today

Here's a great article I thought you would appreciate!

The 5 Reasons Why You *Must* Get Into the Software Industry Today
by Mike Chen

No matter what industry you're in, it's absolute vital that you
either sell software or offer free software to your customers.

By the time you are done reading this article, you will
understand why.

1. "It's the Product, Stupid"

No amount of marketing "how to" is going to make up for not
having a killer product.

People are sick of being told how to do it. They want something
that will "do it" for them.

Software does just that ... It *does* things for people.

Stop trying to sell "how to" and start selling instant solutions.
That's where the real money is.

2. Downloadable Viral Marketing Tools

OK, so you don't want to sell software. Fair enough.

You're crazy if you don't use software as a viral marketing tool.

Many of the largest lists on the Internet were built using free
software downloads as an enticement for subscribing.

You can easily add viral twists to these tools and before
you know it hundreds or even thousands of sites could be
offering your free software - becoming virtual newsletter
subscriber magnets.

What if you created just one new tool like that a week?

How big would your list be inside of 6 months?

3. Create Value-Added Customer Helper Apps

What if you were to create applications that simply added value
to your existing products and services?

How much higher would your customer satisfaction be if you
created various software tools to teach, train, support,
or otherwise help your customers?

How many more sales would that added customer satisfaction
generate for you without any additional effort year after year?

4. Upsell Products

As you probably know, selling new products to existing customers
is the easiest way in the world to make money.

It's 5 times easier to sell to an existing customer than it is to
acquire a new one.

Why not create new products using "Make Your Own Software" and
sell them to your existing customer base?

Instant profits.

5. Highest Profit Margins in the World

Electrons are free.

If you're selling an instantly downloadable product, your
product fulfillment costs are virtually nil.

Plus, in the software industry there is no inventory to manage,
so it's probably the easiest business in the world to manage as

Mike Chen was one of the pioneers of the software security
industry and is a widely respected Internet Marketing expert.
Mike's newest product, "Make Your Own Software" allows even
those who don't know a single line of code to create software
programs instantly. EDITOR'S NOTE: "Make Your Own Software"
has our highest rating. It's a mission-critical tool:

To Your Success,

Chad P. Flick
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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

An Urgent Update For Your Business

I havn't been posting more than once a day but this is
TIME SENSITIVE! You must act on or before the next 3 days!

If you use email to communicate with your customers and
subscribers, then you'll want to pay CLOSE attention...

... I have some extremely important updates for you!

Even as you're reading this post, a massive industry shift is
taking place that's going to dramatically affect whether or not
40% to 80% of the email you send gets delivered -- or filtered
as spam!

Obviously, if your email isn't getting delivered, your sales and
profits are going to seriously suffer!

So on the following webpage, you're not only going to discover
the exact email marketing strategies that one guy used to
generate $291,756.42 and 44,901 new opt-in email subscribers in
the last 30 days alone...

... you're also going to learn how you can get "whitelisted"
with Yahoo, AOL, and Hotmail -- and guarantee the delivery of
every email you send... Plus you'll read about the 3 NEW
criteria used by "spam filters" to deliver (or delete) your
email -- accreditation, reputation, and email authentication!

To get all the details, visit:

I hope you enjoy this!

Chad P. Flick

P.S. By the way, if you visit this page during the next 3 days
only, you'll ALSO get six bonus reports, valued at $394.73 but
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To get all the details, visit

Suck Up All The Web Tr.affic

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To Your Success,

Chad P. Flick

P.S. Find more tr.affic resources:
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Monday, July 17, 2006

Are You Using This Tool Yet

Do you use Do you have a Yahoo account? You can also go to Yahoo 360 and create yourself a blog! Search engines love blogs! You can use them for whatever you like. I like using blogs to promote products and opportunities, and I want you to be able to do the same! If you havn't started blogging yet then I suggest you go to:


Yahoo 360

Obviously you're seeing this blog but here are three more of my blogs:
Blogger Blog:
Online Auction Articles

Yahoo 360 Blogs
Chad Flick's Internet Marketing Experiences Blog

imcaffcpf's Internet Ventures Blog

To Your Success,

Chad P. Flick

P.S. A Completely Different Approach To "Business Opportunities:
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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Funded Sponsoring Franchise System?

"Funded Sponsoring Franchise System" is Revolutionizing the Home Based Business Industry…Whether You Have a Business or You're Looking for One, Don’t be Last to Get this Critical Information"

Absolutely F-r-e-e!

I just found this yesterday! I know a good thing when I see it. I've been around long enough to know what works and what will not work, and I'm really excited to show you something that I know will be beneficial to you whether you are promoting a primary business, or your looking for an opportunity, or you want to add extra streams of income! Best of all is that you can use this absolutely F-r-e-e! Now, that I have your attention, go ahead and get excited, and I'll see you when you've joined me! Here you go:

To Your Success,

Chad P. Flick
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Friday, July 14, 2006

Gets People Buzzing At The Click Of A Button

Instant Buzz is one of my all time favorite sources of F-r-e-e Traffic! It's easy and takes 2 seconds! You earn traffic while your doing your regular surfing, it's totally non-obtrusive. Earn even more F-r-e-e traffic referring others to Instant Buzz! I could talk about Instant Buzz all day long but it's really best if you just look for yourself! I know you be excited about all the traffic you'll get!

To Your Success,

Chad P. Flick

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Reach 3.6 Million Recipients

Post to 3.6 Million optin recipients NOW!

The brand NEW! Safelist Autosubmission software XP
- blasts your ads to 3.6 Million Safelist recipients at the click of 1 button.

!Automatic-Mailer XP!
-50,000 hits guaranteed to your
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-Posts unlimited number of ads
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-Posts whenever you want! 24/7
-Schedule autosubmission when you are not at home
-Sends Html & Text Advertisements

Order today
Our Software also includes:
-Autovalidation feature that automatically
validates all your Safelists validation Codes
-Mailbox cleaner feature that automatically keeps your mailboxes clean!


Get YOUR Astonishing Automatic-Mailer XP Software today!

To Your Success,

Chad P. Flick

P.S. Best Free Ad Tracking Resource On The Planet:
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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Is It Too Good To Be True?

For most people, getting high-quality targeted visitors
to their site is probably one of the "hardest" things to
do ... unfortunately it's also the most important.

The reason it's difficult for most small businesses and
online marketers is that the majority of popular site
promotion strategies either take up A LOT of time, cost
a lot of money, or are too risky. Right?

Well, I'm glad your here today because I want to let you
know about a new, fully-automated traffic-generation system
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every single day, absolutely FREE!

Would you believe that this new system is:

-> 100% Free! - Always has been, and always will be
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-> Targeted - you'll get only real, targeted traffic
-> "Viral" - your traffic will increase exponentially

I thought it was too good to be true at first ... but
after testing it out, the results have been extremely
profitable. And the feedback so far has been great:

"Holy *#@% ... this is really amazing! I never thought
something free could bring so much traffic. Truthfully,
it seems to be working better than most of my paid ads."

Anyway, do us both a favor and check it out ASAP. It's
still pretty new and you will benefit even more if you
create your FREE account now before most people join.

To Your Success,

Chad P. Flick

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Friday, July 07, 2006

Crawl, Pr.ofit, And Fly!

I joined my Friend Anthony Tomei's Caterpillar Marketing
site when he first brought it out, just a few short months
ago. Now, Top Marketers are already giving him the praise he

Read this carefully... Understand that you must first
crawl before you can fly and you've realized a simple
age-old saying that you can apply and be massively
successful on the internet with.... Right now!

Anthony Tomei is giving you the chance to receive resell rights,
multi media tools and even a chance to make huge
windfalls of cash with our referral program....

ALL 100%!

What is Caterpillar Marketing?

You're about to discover the shockwave already
hitting the internet marketing community here:

Achieve Internet Success,

Chad P. Flick

P.S. Their websites. Your commissions. Earn
Clickbank commissions with text ads on your site
or blog:
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Thursday, July 06, 2006

How Big Is Your....

If you have heard "the money's in the list" but have not been able to build a big list or profit from your list you are going to love this...

Keith Wellman put together one of the best list building and profiting courses I have seen in a long time...and no it's not expensive ;)

There are quite a few fast action bonuses so make sure you check it out now...

to Your Success,

Chad P. Flick

P.S. A Result From Adsense Failure:
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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Hottest Free Ad Tracking Resource On The Planet

Hope all my U.S. subscribers had a great
Independance Day! 4th of July is one of my
favorite holidays of all time and it's really
a pretty big deal here in Racine, as we host
one of hugest parades in the state of Wisconsin!
Then of course the barbeques', then the
fireworks, and just visiting with family and
friends! Gotta Love it!

Anyway, you may have heard me talk about
Trackthatad as recent as last week! Here's why:

I've been using Trackthatad for over a year
now and it has become my favorite tool in
my marketing arsenal!

If you aren't using Trackthatad yet, all I
can say is you really have to see this for
yourself to appreciate why I'm so excited
about it! I wish I would have had this
when I first started online, so will you:

To Your Success,

Chad P. Flick

P.S. A Result From Adsense Failure:
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Monday, July 03, 2006

Could You Use This?

Instantly pinpoint your search engine ranking and explode your traffic! This simple software can quickly and easily rocket your website to the top of any search engine you want in just 2 weeks!

Before you can make your website #1 on any search engine you absolutely must know exactly where it is at all times...

That's what Dale Woodland's RankLocator will do for you and more! Take a look:

To Your Success,

Chad P. Flick

P.S. Here is another resource you absolutely must have:
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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Have You Taken The Scoop Yet?

How would you like to get $397 internet marketing package at no cost to You?

Simply join the Internet's most lucrative F-r-e-e giveaway at:

Nothing to pay, just a way of saying "Thank You" for being my valued subscriber.

I am sure you must be thinking "What's the catch?"

It's nothing, Just enter your name and email and instantly download everything.

To Your Success,

Chad P. Flick

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