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Friday, May 26, 2006

Do You Suffer From The "L" Word?

Catchy subject right!?! The "L" word I am referring to isn't "Love" either, although I'm sure that some of us have suffered or maybe are suffering from that one :-) The "L" word I'm referring to here though is "Lazy". Sometimes we take for granite the things we have learned, and we get used to doing things a certain way. Or we get distracted. Then when we think we've got it down, we lower our guard. If you are working from home, I'm sure you are aware of just how easy it can be to become Lazy. We do some of the chores we need to do some of the time or we'll even do some chores one day, then another on the next and before we know it we're falling behind, and getting the results we did when we first began, and then wonder what am I doing wrong? Don't fall into this trap, it can be a killer! Stay focused, and keep doing the things you should be doing, and keep learning. Then as you gain more experience through learning you will be able to add chores to the ones you are already focused on, and it won't be any harder.

My point is here, if you are going to work from home you need to treat your business like it's a business and it will pay you like a business. Treat it like a hobby, then you'll get paid like it's a hobby. If you can do that, and you can stay away from the dreaded "L" word. You will find the satisfaction that you want so bad!

To Your Success,

Chad P. Flick


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