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Monday, July 23, 2012

Online Promotion on Pinterest

This week I finally decided to accept a request to join Pinterest!  I've been getting invitations for quite some time now and I went ahead and jumped in head first.

At first I hadn't really thought much of Pinterest but when I actually went in there and learned as much as I could how it works I found myself quite impressed with it's potential web traffic!

So impressed in fact that I've created several boards already, but one in particular pertains to online promotion.

It's a great way to get your links out there and have others share them for you, which can become quite viral, quite fast, pretty cool!

That's why I'm posting this today, I want to encourage you to join me and start Pinning your favorite online promotion tools.

All you need to do is start following the board and I'll add you as a Pinner.  Then you can start pinning as many of your favorite promotional tools as you want on the board it's that simple.

There's already 126 awesome Pins on there as of now, and I would love to fill it up with thousands of all of our links!

So go ahead and join me now:  Online Promotion

If you haven't join Pinterest yet I suggest you request an invitation to join, or you may already be getting invites, and today you may as well accept your invitation, you won't regret it.  It's a great way to get some great traffic to your site.

Looking forward to all of your Pins!

To Your Success,

Chad Flick

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Blogger Mahin Sherashia said...

Yes, I would agree with you that pinterest is a great place to pin your interest.!! I have tried to explain it's functionality a bit in detail...!!

10:38 PM  

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