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Thursday, September 08, 2011

Controversial Covert Cash Tactics Unethical?

Few FREE products I've come across that are worth noting for review, but today, is an extreme and bizarre exception.

Unlike any other offer page I’ve seen, at the bottom of this product’s download page it states, “Black Hat (But Ethical) Profit Strategies.

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After watching the videos the first time through, I was struck with an odd thought.

This being a picture of Abraham talking to the thirsty man in Hades, who was close enough to have caught ice chips, if they had been thrown from heaven.

I believe the reason this crazy thought popped into my head is because this video course skates you right up to the edge of ethical, where you can easily see over into the abyss of dark marketing.

This program will certainly test your moral fiber with information so powerful, it could easily be misused by someone who is greedy or prone to cross the line.

It should be noted:

Nothing that is taught in this course, do I think you will find “unethical”, (in the way the system applies it). However, like the handgun argument analogy of, “do guns kill people, or do people using guns kill people”, I believe that otherwise reasonable and agreeable people may be divided, in the release of some of the more powerful and potentially dangerous secrets.

Right from the beginning of the first video, you’ll immediately discover that you haven’t downloaded anything like it before (Unless you’re an avid Black Hat practitioner). Yet this course is still different.

The information will surely shock you!

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You’ll understand for starters that your anonymity on the web (should you ever want anonymity), is far more threatened than you ever imagined!

I stopped the first video partway through and began to track myself and my websites, using some free online tools, and found out more about myself, my online habits, and my websites than I remember filling out on Facebook, (more than you could imagine is being harvested by your competition)!

You may not think you have anything to hide, but…

I never imagined that all of my marketing efforts online where being so closely, and so easily traced, logged, evaluated and put to use by my competitive advisories, until I saw these videos!

Thankfully, the course showed me exactly how and when, to “cloak” my identity online, to protect my most guarded efforts, and keep my “money making secrets” from becoming public knowledge!

This system doesn’t just show you various covert methods to cloak your own identity, it also shows you how to cloak information “covertly” about your customer’s information that I found was intriguingly valuable.

By detailing the process of creating true anonymity online through various covert cloaking techniques, and explaining it so clearly, there is the potential that offering this information might incite some more unscrupulous marketers to abuse the privilege and go to far!

However, like other truly powerful ideas that have shaped progress, (take for instance the invention of fire) man has been able to both devise ways of saving himself from freezing on cold nights, and conversely put himself at more risk of being burnt.

Other covert tactics prescribed in this “Ethical Black Hat” system, for instance
“Covert Link Hacking”, and “Covert SEO Domination” tactics, will give you more options, in what can only be seen as totally fair play. Especially, when you uncover (by this system’s “covert measures”), what your competition is already doing to you!

In this system, you’ll learn covert search hacking techniques that will simply pin point vital information, using plain old Google, in a fraction of a second that would normally take you days or months to find! This is nothing that could be considered “black hat” per-say, however, if it were my covert secret alone, I certainly would not be sharing this competitive edge, the way this course does!

Shocking FREE Video GiveAway

In fact, looking over the notes I made of the tools and covert marketing toys capable of squashing the competition, that this system supplies, I was reminded of one of the best Batman movies ever.

Do you remember when Jack Nicholson as the Joker asks, “Where does he get those wonderful toys?” I think… this system; will have you believing it was obviously from these videos that Simon and Jeremy are giving away!

Here are just some of the things you could do with this system:

By following just the “covert non identity” tactics, you’ll overcome cumbersome IP blocks, protect yourself from dangerous viruses, and avoid the pitfalls of leaving footprint trails, back to your best kept secrets!

With “covertly acquired multiple identities” you can instantly revolutionize the process of creating robust linking super structures, with unparalleled diversity, derived from armies of “organic supporters” from around the world, all created fictitiously by you, in your office!

Combining covert hacking, backlinking, and keyword skills will make it possible to create a massive web of quality first-rate backlinks quickly, on valuable .edu, .gov and other prime websites, laser targeted to your niche.

These tactics combined, build an instant trust factor with search engines, giving your websites a huge advantage in page rank, and making it possible to dominate search return pages, with multiple top listings, for your money pages - at will!

You’ll even discover how to covertly place your ads multiple times, brazenly across prime classified sites, hassle free, funneling ravenously hungry customers to affiliate offers, secretly, without fear of being taken down, or having your best kept profitable secret tactics revealed to anybody!

At the end of the course they give you a “bonus system” utilizing many of the various covert tactics weaved, together that has been uncovered throughout the video course.

Combined, they produce an instant moneymaker that can easily generate the $300.00
a day mentioned on the download page and more. It’s complicated but it’s really that solid.

I’d give this system two thumbs up if it was offered for several times what the download page claims it to be worth, but the fact that they are giving it all away free has left me flabbergasted.

I simply cannot recommend this video course enough.

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To Your Success,

Chad Flick

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