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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

FanPage Showcases - Showcase Your FanPage

Want more "Like"s and Fans for your FanPage? We'll Feature YOUR FanPage here for 1 Week!

We are extremely excited to announce the launch of our new FanPage called: FanPage Showcases

Once others "Like" This Page they'll see the "Featured FanPage Showcases" (6 of them for now, this may change) that we will randomly select however, we'll tell you another way you'll have a better chance of having your page selected!

All of this is designed to help you get more "Like"s and Fans to your pages, that is our goal!

Here's how it will work.

Once you have "Like"d the page, post your FanPage on the Wall so we can find it! This will be one way you'll get more "Like"s and Fans too because people who visit the wall will see your posts.

Another great way for your page to be selected to the "Featured FanPage Showcases", will be by telling your friends to come and "Like" this page itself, then "Like" your post on the wall, and or leave a comment telling us why we should showcase your page.

And... maybe we'll Showcase YOUR FanPage Here for 1 Week!

And when we do... Here's another way you can get more "Like"s and Fans!

We will also send out an update to the Fan Base along with direct links to the Featured FanPage Showcases.

We will then encourage them to "Like" those FanPages!

Maybe one of them will be YOUR FanPage!

Let's sum it up for you on how your going to get "Like"s and Fans.
1. Being Listed on the Featured FanPage Showcases
2. Posting your page on the Wall.
3. If your page is picked we'll notify the Fan Base about it encouraging them to
"Like" your pages.

So get to it... We can't wait to see all the FanPages fill up the wall!
FanPage Showcases

See you there!

Chad Flick and the FanPage Showcases Admin

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Thomas Morrison

2:25 PM  
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