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Friday, February 04, 2011

They Build Your First 1000 _____ For You

Today I have something that has gone completely under the radar with all these new product launches we've been seeing. And he never even told anyone he was launching it!

My friend Anik Singal whom I've learned and am still learning a ton from, made a short video for you that talks about "business models" for anyone who is just starting online...

There is ONE thing that most miss and because of it, even if they make millions, they eventually go bankrupt...

Check it out... it's also the one thing that makes him the MOST money in his business (He'll even prove it to you...)

Overtime the system GROWS and the money gets bigger and bigger to the point that it's a full-time business running itself!

AND...people at GOOGLE or any other company can't "take it away" from you!

He'll be taking the video down for sure, probably in a few days. It's short though, so why wait, just take a quick break and watch!

Watch The Video Here

See you there,

Chad Flick

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