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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Getting Your Videos Noticed On Youtube

I've recently started using YouTube in addition to my other marketing methods which you will be seeing soon. I think it’s an incredible marketing platform, but it can be frustrating how difficult it is to get a YouTube video noticed. At the time of this writing over 30,000 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube daily. With this mind-boggling amount of video, how are you suppose to stand out?

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Well, unless you have some crazy video as I'm sure you've had to at least seen some of the stuff that's on there already. You know the ones I'm talking about right? The ones that are so wierd sometimes and foolish yet they get thousands of hits daily. How do we even try to compete with that?

I'm about to give you a heads up right now. :-) I've also just recently discovered HOW to rise to the top FAST. I've learned that you need to increase the amount of views, subscribers, favorites, likes and comments. YouTube ranks videos based on popularity and the more popular your video appears i.e., the more views, subscribers, comments, favorites and likes, the higher you’ll rank in YouTube search results, garner awards and placement on their featured pages.

When people see you have a popular video they begin to comment, pass it around, etc. It’s basic human psychology. People like what’s popular.

What I'm about to share with you is actually going to be really cool and NO it isn't some software program that's going to get you banned from Youtube either. Matter of fact it works for any type of video and it does not violate YouTube’s terms of service, so your video cannot get banned. It's an actual legal service that sends REAL HUMAN VISITORS. If you’re a video marketer you NEED to be using these tricks (like I will be doing now as well) to rise to the top.

Every niche is saturated with competition and this service will give you multiple legs up. That's why I wanted you to see this ASAP!

You can get all the details here: UTubePlays

To Your Success,

Chad Flick

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Anonymous social media for churches said...

I found this a few days ago and I was able to get a significant increase in subscribers following several different methods you listed.

8:17 AM  
Anonymous Dianne White said...

UTubePlays is using Video Search Engine Optimization for the videos their clients endorse. It's an SEO strategy that can make your post noticeable and popular among the public. YouTube is a very popular website. Millions of people subscribe to it every day. That's why it's very effective when it comes to SEO marketing.

1:25 PM  

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