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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Raising Funds For A Worthy Cause

Today's post is about raising funds for a worthy cause. I'm really excited to be sharing this too because I'm totally biased. You'll see why in a sec... :-)

I want to share how you can help our family raise funds for my niece BriAnna Flick who has Alveolar Rhabdomyo Sarcoma cancer.

While she lives in Wisconsin she goes to the Southeast Regional Center Children's Hospital Of Wisconsin so they can keep an eye on her condition not only for their own purposes but also for the new treatment facility that they have highly recommended.

Her new treatments are only available in Memphis,Tennessee at St Jude's Children's Research Hospital. She will have to travel every 3 weeks and stay for a week and then return home. This is going to happen for the next 11 months. Most things are covered but not all expenses. Since the cancer is a severe cancer, she is unable to work so the medical bills and other expenses get hard to pay.

So we wanted to help her by raising funds for her to use to pay medical expenses and maybe be able to have some extra spending cash while she's in Memphis because we are hoping she won't be feeling crappy the whole time, so she can see some of the great sites there are to see.

Her entire Family Love's her very much, and we all agree she's a wonderful young lady who doesn't deserve to have to worry about where she can come up with money for things she needs besides bills.

Here's how you can help. Click on the "Chip In" button at the top of this blog or visit this link:
Raising Funds For BriAnna Flick

You can learn more about BriAnna and read her story at:

BriAnna Flick My Story

On behalf of the entire Flick Family we want to Thank You in advance with all our hearts'!

Southeast Regional Center Children's Hospital Of Wisconsin

St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital

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