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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Im Sick Of Scammers Getting Refunds

I have something very cool and important to show you today. If you're an affiliate marketer, you are probably selling some sort of digital product at times, right?

Now let me ask you this: How many times have you earned a commission and then the customer turns around and gets a refund after they've already accessed the product?

I'm not saying it's bad if someone really truly wants a refund, I think that is fine. However, there are actually scammers out there who purposely purchase a product just to gain access, then they get a refund right away. That kind of stuff really ticks me off! I bet it ticks you off too.

So today I'm going to show you what my friend Chad Van Norman has done for us. He's actually made a script that is going to solve the scammer refund problem once and for all.

It's called Locked Buy Button. I know you're going to be as impressed with this as I am so make sure you get there and watch Chad's video!

Watch Chad's video here: Locked Buy Button

To Your Success,

Chad Flick

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Chad Flick Recommends - CB Affiliate Marketing

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Breaking News Its LIVE And Super Urgent!

I'll keep this short as you don't have much time.

... in fact you may already be too late!

Get the same techniques Tim is using to run his $57,770/M Business

And here's the best bit.

ZERO Costs to implement techniques
Lots of screenshots (for newbies)
Everything is copy and paste

Check it out for yourself here
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Tim reveals STRAIGHT to the point, without any sideways or loopholes how he managed to:

drive over 120,000 free visitors to one of his sites
44,000 subscribers in 10 days
1000's of affiliates
Open rates of over 100% (is that even possible)

...and much much more just WITH his Autoresponder Account.
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These TRICKS & SECRETS WILL Multi-Double your email marketing profits 100% Guaranteed.

But the best part is that you need no experience and you can get started right now.

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But you must ACT NOW!

I have spoken to Tim on Skype as I'm one of his valued JV Partners he's told me that the Discounted launch copies are almost gone. Hurry!

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To Your Online Success

Chad Flick

P.S. Remember you can test the system for 60 days RISK FREE, Tim told me that if you DON'T increase your profits AFTER reading his Techniques he will pay you back every single dime Of this course!

==> Autoresponder Code

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Chad Flick Recommends - CB Affiliate Marketing

Friday, June 11, 2010

What's The #1 Super Affiliate Weapon?

What's up? I just have a small question for you today..

What's The #1 Super Affiliate Weapon? (assuming you know how to use it?)

Think you know the answer? I'll bet you that you do!

I ran across this guy a while ago, his name is Tim Bekker. You might have heard of him...

He claims he knows underground techniques that have never been exposed to the market before...

He says that we are still losing lots of $$'s at this very moment. I strongly recommend that you read what he has to say ASAP:

==> Autoresponder Code Leaked PDF Blueprint

To Your Success,

Chad Flick

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Chad Flick Recommends - CB Affiliate Marketing

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

How To Be Wildly Successful - Earning Income On The Web

Today I have something really cool for you. It's a seven day ecourse titled, "How To Be Wildly Successful - Earning Income On The Web" that I know you're going to love. Tons of great info and I'm going to lay it out for you right now! :-)

All 48 pages of this Seven Day eCourse are yours free, written by... Steve A Yakim!

The eCourse includes 7 daily lessons...

  • Day 1 -- 4 Simple Principles To Building A Solid Foundation That Will Insure Both Immediate and Long-Term Profits That ANYONE Can Follow!

  • Day 2 -- The Absolute Best Way To Start Building Your Lists." He will tell you where to find the best subscribers and how to get these people begging to join your lists!

  • Day 3 -- How to earn thousands monthly with your own free reports - Two easy ways to create your own reports!

  • Day 4 -- The Absolute Best Viral Marketing Strategy You Can Use To Build Your Lists While Promoting Your Products!

  • Day 5 -- How To Increase Your Profits By 300% Over Night Without Any Extra Effort On Your Part!

  • Day 6 -- The 1 Rule That You MUST BREAK in Order to Find Real Success On The Internet With Affiliate Programs and How to Break it Beginning This Afternoon!

  • Day 7 -- A Great Viral Strategy That Can Make Any Freebie Pay Off Big Time!

  • As you can see you're going to be learning some solid techniques that you'll be able to put to use as soon as you learn them. Make sure you set time aside for the next Seven days and take this all in.

    I know this is going to be a big deal and extremely helpful for those who take action today!

    Details are right below, Enjoy! :-)

    Seven Day eCourse: How To Be Wildly Successful - Earning Income On The Web

    To Your Success,

    Chad Flick

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