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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Week Was All Planned Out Until This Happened

I had my week all planned out and was ready for some big promotions, some of which have already started when I got this last minute notice today. It actually changes my obligations a little bit because I'm totally committed to this one.

From now until June 5, 2009 Kenneth Koh from LeadsLeap (which is totally Free to join BTW and the program that has delivered 3,797,910 Leads to it's Members) is going to give the Top 3 Referrers in this brand new never been done before promotion a Free Pro membership!

I've been a Pro member of LeadsLeap since the beginning so I know the benefits that come with it. Truth be told LeadsLeap is one of my biggest and most consistent residual income sources as well as lead generation and sales makers. I would Love for you to be able to experience this too!

To help you out your going to get 500 Free advertising credits (after June 5, 2009 it goes back to 100 free advertising credits) upon joining but you will soon see there is way more to it than that and you are going to Love it.

Existing members who login today and change their ad before June 5, 2009 will also recieve 500 credits so if you are a member you better get in there right now and get your credits!

My advice? Join LeadsLeap Free today and win your Pro Membership or maybe you're ready to go Pro right way. That's up to you.

Either way start promoting LeadsLeap Right Now, Today! Let your network know about this too, it will only build your own network bigger, and they will appreciate that you care!

Plus instead of 100 free credits, your referrals will get 500 free credits upon joining.

Not to mention the OTO upgrade commissions you could be earning! :-)

I think you get the point! Now go get em' We have until June 5, 2009!

LeadsLeap - Get Your 500 Free Credits

To Your Success,

Chad Flick

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