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Friday, February 27, 2009

My Newest Recommended Traffic Tool

It isn't often that I find a traffic tool that is truly unique.

I have been trying out ScreenSwarm, a new traffic system by Garland Coulson, the creator of the incredibly successful Free Traffic Bar and Internet One systems.

ScreenSwarm is a screen saver traffic exchange that lets me generate traffic whenever my screensaver runs while I am away from my computer.

In addition to my own screensaver, I also get traffic from 1,000s of other computers when I invite others. Just 3 invites could bring me millions of screen views every month!

It was very simple to get working and I had my traffic building and my own web site showing to other members in less than 10 minutes.

It is totally free to try and Garland always gives great help to any people I refer who become members.

Check it out here and get 1,000 FREE Screen Views:
ScreenSwarm - Screensaver Traffic Exchange

To Your Success,

Chad Flick

P.S. What I REALLY love about this system is that it gives me large amounts of traffic without any work at all.

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Anonymous Chad Van Norman said...

Wouldn't no one sees your ads because they are not at the computer when the screen saver starts?

Chad Van Norman

10:32 AM  
Blogger Chad P. Flick said...

Hey Chad Thanks for the comment,
I'm sure in some cases that may be, but some people have their computers where others can see them like in the living room or whatever. When you're talking to someone where there is a computer present screensavers seem to catch peoples eyes. It has even happened to me a few times where a cool screensaver catches my eye. I've tested ScreenSwarm as opposed to another program I used to use with a 99 member downline and ScreenSwarm has brought me more sign ups in less time with No downline, and it's Free. I'm perfectly satisfied.


12:19 PM  

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