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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

With Linkscout I Say Go For The Gold

I thought today I would tell you about one of my best advertising resources. You may have seen me giving away Free internet marketing suites on occasion. I'm going to do that again right now but I'm also going to recommend that you take them up on their gold membership, so before you make your choice you might want to read on because its not as bad as what I'm sure your thinking. :-)

Already made up your mind? Go here:
Free Linkscout Internet Marketing Suite

I know you're saying with a sneer, "Ok Chad how much"? That's a fair question and I'll get to that in a minute. It's the same question I had when I had joined as a Free member. It wasn't until a good 6-8 months later when I decided to upgrade as a Pro with the Gold membership. After using Linkscout for awhile as a Free member I realized that it was something worthy of investing my money in. I figured if I was getting good results as a Free member I couldn't wait to see results I would get from the Gold membership.

I can tell you what I like the best about the Gold membership and I think this is where you'll be interested also is that it is guaranteed. They offer 3 full money back guarantees. Unheard of in this industry.

Not for Me Guarantee: Simply put your Linkscout Associate Suite to the test. If for any reason you don't feel 100% satisfied with your Linkscout Associate Membership within your first 15 days of use, just let them know and your money will be returned, no questions asked!

Guaranteed to Make your Money Back: If you don't earn the cost of your Linkscout Membership back from any of the Linkscout Income Centers after your 12month membership expires, let them know and your money will be refunded and you can keep your suite for Free Indefinitely!!

Guaranteed to be No Competition: If you find anything that even resembles the Linkscout concept, let them know within your first month and your money will be refunded and you can keep your suite for Free!

Alright, I know you're pulling your hair out so I'm just going to send you to the page to see for yourself. I recommend you at least try the 1 month membership, its quite reasonable. Go for the Gold! :-)

Linkscout Gold Membership

To Your Success,

Chad Flick

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