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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Here's What Ticks Me Off

One of the things that really ticks me off is when people sell "make money online" products that totally rip people off.

A lot of them are bona-fide scammers who are out to prey on desperate people. Their sole purpose is to flood their bank account with cash and leave the poor guy/girl penniless.

One guy who's been through that is Russell Brunson. He used to get swindled every day when he was a college student.

Nowadays, he knows better. Why?

Because he spent a mint to interview Vincent James ...the guy who made $122 million in 22 months and whose marketing savvy astonished even the great marketing guru Gary Halbert.

Fortunately, Russell recorded the entire interview. You can get the video here:

12 Month Internet Millionaire

Russell credits that interview with Vince as the main factor for his awesome success. He was able to make 1.6 million in a single year with this 'insider'
information and is confident you can too!

So head on over to:

12 Month Internet Millionaire

..and throw away those worthless ebooks and reports that are nothing but a bunch of fluff!

To Your Success,

Chad Flick

P.S. This is truly 'player' material. The best part is it's not going to cost you anything to get a hold of this video either. So check it out today!

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