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Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Death of The Yellow Pages Means Profit For You

Let me be clear. Not only are people now searching for local businesses through Google and not Yellow Pages, but the Yellow Page delivery is being banned in some cities for environmental reasons (such as Albany, NY).

Why do YOU care?

Because by the millions, local restaurants, contractors, & shops of all kinds are suddenly desperate to get a website done, and ranked.

"Easy Offline Riches", the maverick product which "sold out" on the Warrior Forum, gives you the tools to STEP IN FRONT OF THAT TRAFFIC.

Easy Offline Riches gives you a kit, and website that makes this really easy to do. Everything you need to contact businesses, and have them COME TO YOU is included. In fact, if you buy the product, you can qualify to let Mark Lareau and his team do all
the work for you after you make initial contact---> REALLY!

I'm going to first show you a testimonial from Keith, who is in charge of the "Local Biz Builders Forum" in the U.S.:

Here's his forum post talks mainly about the way, once you get Easy Offline Riches, you can have Mark's and his staff actually close the deal for you:

"This program kicks ass. Sorry for the language, but "butt" didn't seem to drive the point home. I cannot believe the effort that has gone into this program and the quality of information and tools Mark is providing here. I was really blown away by all of the resources given to help you succeed. And that is what this forum is
all about as well, so it really hit home with me.

Now I try not to interfere or talk too much about peoples offers. Yes, I will support members here, and am always willing to give testimonials, especially if they are good products, but I usually try to not go much further than that. It can cause people to think I am playing favorites. So usually I shut my mouth after
saying my peace.

But I felt compelled to once again open my big mouth and comment here.

I have been super busy as well with my own business, but am going to not push my own services for awhile (minus my existing clients) and focus on working Marks back-end affiliate program. I believe in it that much. I will probably use my portal to help promote the site as well.

I honestly think that this is a great system. Now I am not afraid to talk to business owners, but the great thing here is that by using Marks system, once I have it down, I can still work MY town the way I want with my existing system, but also target the rest of my state with Mark's system! Talk about STATE domination!!

Anyway, I don't get overly excited about "systems" very often, so when I do, I feel I should share...



Again, you probably saw the reference to Mark's affiliate system. You actually can get Mark to do the lion's share of work, and sell websites to businesses FOR YOU once you get this kit. You also make the "lion's share" of any of those sales, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

See what this is all about now. Quite the find..

To Your Success,

Chad Flick

P.S. You see how this is so different and refreshing? Finally giving you a concrete chance to succeed even if you are new to work-at-home and online business?

"Make It So" by signing up here:

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