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Monday, August 11, 2008

Resell Rights Xtreme - Brand New Master Resell Rights Special

Im really excited to share the news that I have for you today, I think you're going to get excited too. I just hope I'm not too late in telling you about it!

My friend Edmund Loh has just released the *FULL* Master Resell Rights to a brand new ‘never released before’ collection of products on various hot topics.

With the full rights to this package, you can cash in on not 1 or 2... But 8 HOT markets!

All the product creation, sales letters and graphics have been done for you so you don’t have to!

SIDENOTE: In a hurry? You can check them out here:
=> Resell Rights Xtreme

With the Full Master Resell Rights to this brand *NEW* package, you can:

* Upload to your web site and sell 8 different products instantly – just insert your name, include your order button and keep 100% of the sales you make!

* Create or add them to your own unique bundle and sell at a higher price,

* Use them as bonuses to another product you are selling,

* Add them as content to your paid membership site,

* Edit the sales copy, E-covers and graphics,

* Use as back-end or One Time Offer,

* Pass on the Resell Rights to your customers so they can also have the option to resell the products if they want to,

* And much more – within the terms and conditions.

I personally think that Edmund is a little crazy for releasing this entire package for literally cents on the dollar...

... Yet the profit potential is UNLIMITED.

There’s only one tiny catch though: only 300 copies will be sold ever.

This is in an effort to regulate the competition and if you can see the true value in this package, then I advise acting now.

This is expected to sell out pretty fast so click here now:

=> Resell Rights Xtreme

To Your Success,

Chad Flick

P.S. There are also a series of Fast Action Bonus perks waiting to be snapped up. I won’t mention them here because I’d like you to see them for your own.

=> Resell Rights Xtreme

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