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Friday, August 22, 2008

Article Apps, Spinner and Submission Part 2

I hope you are ready for todays post Part 2 because Im excited to be able to tell you about this software that is going to help you submit all those articles you created from Part 1(my last post, which I hope you've already read) to hundreds of directories with "One-Click".

Article Submitter Platinum blows the doors off any other Article Submission Software.

The brand new Platinum version of Article Submitter takes article marketing to a whole new level. The key is in the "One-Click" automatic submission functionality.

Article Submitter Platinum has been programmed to do everything at one click of the mouse. You just enter your article and click to submit it to 210 directories.

Before I show you how awesome the new Platinum version is...

Just compare Article Submitter Platinum to its "Younger Brothers"... imagine what this means for your site in traffic!

While submitting articles has been made easier than ever with Article Submitter and Article Submitter Gold... It can still take a long time to submit to hundreds of directories.

And we know what that means?

We don't submit as many articles to as many directories as we should.

If you currently use Article Submitter Gold or Article Submitter, bear with me a minute, this won't take long.

The Standard and Gold versions allow you to click on each article directory located inside the software. The software will then display the specific directory in the lower frame.

It will then auto-fill each of the submission fields required by each directory, eliminating you from manually typing in all of these fields yourself.

Next, you would simply scroll down and click the submit button. Then move to the next directory and repeat the process.

This is an incredible time saver and the reason Article Submitter is used by nearly 40,000 users worldwide!

With Article Submitter Platinum, you simply select all of the directories you would like to submit to and then click "submit" Once. Article Submitter Platinum goes through all of the directories, automatically.

If you're really bored, you can kick back and watch it autofill the fields, input the required captche code, and submit your article as it marches through one directory after another.

Or you can make it to the course in time for 9 holes... Or whatever it is you'd rather be doing other than sitting in front of your computer.

This all happens with ONE mouse click!

There is no other tool on the planet that can submit to hundreds of article directories with ONE mouse click!

For more info visit: Article Submission - Article Submitter Platinum

To Your Success,

Chad Flick

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Blogger Helene said...

Submitting articles to article sites can be helpful in getting backlinks for SEO. This sounds like a useful tool for getting the job done.

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