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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Your Instant Credibility Source

Mike Filsaime and Rod Beckwith want to help you. They want to help you become an expert in your niche. Then they want to help BRAND you as an expert.

And they want to do this for free!

This is incredible news. Mike Filsaime and Rod Beckwith have launched this brand new site and the early feedback is nothing short of stellar. Why?

Because it will soon be THE premier content directory, filled with reports that you get to download, brand with your affiliate links, and give away to your subscribers, members, customers: you name it.

Butterfly Reports

Right now, it's one of a kind. I don't know of ANY other site that gives away as much free High Quality content as this does.

And not only can you get these reports for free - you can also contribute your OWN original reports to the directory for others to download and give away.

You see what I mean when I say Mike Filsaime wants to help you become an expert?

Quite frankly, I think Mike and Rod are nuts to be giving away all of this content for free. But they're tired of seeing all of the garbage making it's way to the net, so they've decided to raise the bar.

These reports are not only high quality, but they are available for many different niches! This is not just for Internet Marketing.

Every month, you get to brand one report with your affiliate links and give them away. These reports even come with a high quality ecover graphic too!

Seems like a no brainer to me. I've already joined Butterfly Reports! I suggest you join me now too - while it's free!

Butterfly Reports

To Your Success,

Chad P. Flick

P.S. This site comes at a great time. I've been searching for a resource for high quality content. I was just about to give up and spend a ton of money outsourcing this. Now I don't have to and neither do you!

Butterfly Reports

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