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Friday, June 08, 2007

In 48 Hours, You'll Learn the Secrets to Online Success!

Don't Forget This Exciting Contest News about the Affiliate KB $1000. Giveaway for the month of June! Have you registered yet?

I will be posting the link to the Contest at the beginning of every single post until the end of June so be prepared. Now on with the business at hand. I just received some exciting news from Internet marketing guru Derek Gehl that I wanted to share with you RIGHT AWAY...

(In case the name doesn't sound familiar to you, just enter "Derek Gehl" in Google -- and you'll get over 100,000 results!)

This Internet trailblazer gets over 1.8 million unique visitors to his websites every single month and pulled in over $19 MILLION in online sales last year...

The guy knows what he's talking about when it comes to making money on the Internet!

But back to the exciting news...

Just a few times a year, Derek and his team of experts hold live Internet marketing "bootcamps" in a handful of cities around the world.

Right now, former seminar attendees... people just like you... are raking in $8,750 to $66,200 a month with simple website businesses using what they learned at this 2-day event...

And I've just received word that Derek is rolling out a whole slew of extra dates in brand new cities!

This is an unbelievable opportunity for you to learn exactly how you can FAST TRACK starting and growing a brand new online business from scratch.

And if you already have a website, Derek's experts show you exactly how to attract MORE traffic and MORE customers to your site than ever before!

Derek's experts show you how to easily turn your website visitors into BUYERS by critiquing under-performing websites and transforming them it into online cash
machines... right before your eyes!

To find a seminar in your city... and for a complete itinerary of what you'll learn at this exciting 2-day seminar... go here now:

Internet Marketing Seminars

To Your Success,

Chad P. Flick

P.S. Derek is also giving away a very special BONUS gift to the first handful of people to save their seats... but quantities are limited!

To claim your seat and your free gift now, click here:
Internet Marketing Seminars

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