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Monday, February 26, 2007

The Link Referral Concept

I've been with for over a year now and it's really a unique and awsome resource. I've been getting f-r-e-e t.raffic from the first day I joined. I should have showed this to you a long time ago! (My Bad)

The Link Referral Concept:

Providing an affordable alternative to search engines and banner ad campaigns which give mediocre results. LinkReferral has a three pronged approach to developing f-r-e-e t.raffic for it's members.

Members directory traffic - By joining, you will be included in the members directory which is visited by their community of over 85,000 members, and thousands of outside visitors on a daily basis. You'll have the opportunity to earn a ranking at the top of your category, absolutely f-r-e-e! Receive valuable feedback from visitors of your website, network with your peers, and give your opinion on other websites in the directory. The more you participate, the more you get in return!

Referral based t.raffic - You are probably familiar with the concept of network m.arketing, well this is a f-r-e-e version of that marketing method - by registering and promoting your linkreferral affiliate link, an exponential growth of 5 levels of referrals can be created (ex. you refer 10 people who refer 10 people each who refer 10 each....), potentially 10,000s of visitors/day all viewing your link prominently in the top spot of our 'Featured Sites' section on our home page for your referral ID. It works because its f-r-e-e, fast to register, easy to implement and no risk. People that are referred from your site will have nothing to lose and everything to gain, just like you.

Search engine traffic - By registering, you'll benefit several ways, including,

1) having your webpage listing indexed more quickly - the major search engines continously spider our site, and the sites listed in our directory.
2) Improved search engine rankings and SEO optimization.
3) Indirect search engine t.raffic via Pages such as your directory listing and your affiliate page listing feature your link and description, are picked up by all the major search engines. Your sign-up description, combined with our strong traffic base (a prime ranking factor for most major search engines) can pull in a significant immediate steady stream of t.raffic to your listing on and then on to your web site.

Additionally they offer (very) low cost paid ad.vertising, upgraded memberships and payment for referrals. Sign up and get started on attracting more targeted visitors today...

To Your Success,

Chad P. Flick

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