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Friday, January 05, 2007

Jerky Direct the Jerky Lovers Business

Did you know you can make m.oney in the Jerky Lovers business:

In a hurry?
Jerky Direct

This might be for you if...

You want to start your own business!
You have the vision to succeed!
You own your own corner store or know someone who does!
You Love the taste of Jerky and know someone else who is a Jerky Lover!
You can afford the low $12./mo investment!

If any of these sound like you, I want to work with

Jerky Direct

About Jerky Direct:

All Natural Healthy Meat Snacks
Jerky Direct, producer of healthy all-natural meat snacks, is dedicated to bringing you the finest quality, all-natural, meat snacks at an incredible value. Jerky Direct has long been a supplier of healthy meat snacks to the industry and is known as the premier producer and supplier of premium meat snacks to health conscious people worldwide.

Buying Jerky WITHOUT the Middleman
Jerky Direct has taken a unique position in the marketplace in that we have decided to completely bypass standard distribution methods, slotting fees, brokers, etc. and sell Jerky Direct to our customers. Eliminating the middlemen has given Jerky Direct a large margin of profit to use in implementing creative marketing ideas.
Keeping Money in YOUR Pocket

We here at Jerky Direct are committed to keep our marketing dollars in the pockets of the people who deserve it... You as the consumer of the product, and the person who told you about our product. That's right, without the middleman you get a better price, and, should you decide to introduce your friends and family to our jerky, as a reseller you will earn a commission for each and every bag they buy.

To Your Success,

Chad P. Flick

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