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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Your Copy Was Damaged

If you're dreaming about starting your own successful Internet
business but you don't have any cash to invest
up front, I
have great news for you!

I've just been talking to my friend Derek Gehl over at the
Internet Marketing Center...

As a favor to me, he's offered to let me send you a "like new"
set of his popular training videos, "The Internet Millionaire's
Protégé Bootcamp," which contain the exact system he's used
to earn over $60,000,000 online

It seems he has a small stack of these training videos sitting
in his warehouse that got *slightly* damaged in the shipping

... A few scuffed DVD cases... a few little marks on the
inside... but otherwise they're practically brand new.

They're not quite pristine enough to sell at the regular price,
though, so he's agreed to let me offer them to YOU for a
HUGE $100.00 discount

But please note: these copies contain the exact same information
that people have already used to start Internet businesses
worth $100,000... $250,000... $2.5 Million... and MORE

So if you're willing to overlook the odd scuffed case, then I
can send you one right away!

This is your perfect opportunity to start your own highly
profitable Internet business and earn a life-changing income,
WITHOUT a big upfront investment!

But this offer is strictly first come, first served. Derek only
has 279 copies available, and he expects them to be gone in
24 hours
! So don't hesitate. Claim your "Like New" DVDs at a
$100 discount
by following this link:

To Your Success,

Chad P. Flick

P.S. Did you get your Christmas Gift from me yet? If not here you go:
cbDeluxe Silver Edition Merry Christmas! :-)

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