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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

PWS Pay Plan

Earn Money Every Week
ProWealthSolutions not only provides you all the tools and training to generate multiple streams of income, but it is also a business opportunity in itself!

Referral-based Marketing, also known as Network Marketing has become one of the most powerful distribution channels and income generating structures on the planet.

Recognizing that, we have designed the MOST LUCRATIVE COMPENSATION PLAN in the industry that combines the best of both worlds: Immediate Income, and Long Term Residuals!

Introducing, for the first time EVER, a compensation plan that pays EVERYONE...even if you never refer a single person.

ProWealth Solutions

Earn Money 5 Ways :

1. Fast Start Bonuses
The instant you submitted your information on our website, we awarded you a top position in the fastest growing Powerline in the industry to give you a head start in building your business...and your income!

In fact as people are placed below you in your team, YOU WILL GET PAID on the first three members in your Powerline, regardless of who enrolled them. That means as soon as someone in your Powerline becomes a member, YOU EARN A COMMISSION. This part of the Fast Start Bonus is only paid out your first month as it designed to put money in your pocket quickly and help you to get a head start in your earnings!

Plus, each time you personally introduce a new member to ProWealthSolutions, you will get a $25 bonus the very next week! There is no limit as to how many people you can refer and with the power of the ProWealthSolutions business building system, many of our members are introducing as many as 10 or more new members each and every month!

And with our powerful infinity bonuses, you can get paid on hundreds, or even thousands of more people in your team!

2. Long Term Residual Income
Unlike many compensation programs that require you to personally refer new members before you can get paid, with the ProWealthSolutions pay plan, you can earn up to $1092 per month without referring a single person...ever!

This powerful compensation program makes it very easy to earn income and earn income every month. With the sense of urgency that is created by our Powerline system, the matrix ensures maximum spillover to help you build your check fast! Once you lock in your position in the Powerline, you are placed in our fast-filling 3 x 6 forced matrix which qualifies you to earn income 6 levels deep..and because your downline is paying their membership fees on a monthly basis, these commissions are paid out residually every month...regardless of who signed them up and even if they were all placed below you from spillover!

3. Matching Bonuses
The ProWealthSolutions compensation program was designed for two reasons; 1. to allow people to earn monthly income just for recognizing the great product and opportunity, and 2. to make it very exciting for people to share the opportunity with others. With that in mind, we have created the most powerful compensation program in the industry, and our matching bonuses prove it!

On top of the $1092 that you can earn in your matrix, you also have the ability to match a percentage of ALL of the commissions that everyone who you personally introduce to the program earns every month!

You'll match 50% of all of your personally enrolled members' commissions, 30% of their personally enrolled members, and another 20% for all of your 3rd generation enrollments!

Example: You enroll 5 people who each earn $200 per month in their matrix. Those people collectively enroll 20 members who each earn $100 per month in their matrix. And those 20 people collectively enroll 60 members who each earn just $50 per month in their matrix. You would match 50% of the first generation members checks, 30% on the 2nd, and 20% on the 3rd, putting an extra $1,700 per month in your pocket and all you did was introduce 5!

4. Power Pools
For the first time EVER, all commissionable sales volume from EVERY membership and EVERY person joining is accumulated in ONE HUGE collective powerline benefiting YOU.

Through the revolutionary Powerline Power Pools YOU can capture a percentage of EVERY dollar that comes into ProWealthSolutions anywhere in the Powerline. whether they are in your downline or not!

All members will share in the profits of the pool that they qualify for. Another powerful way to add hundreds, even thousands of dollars a month to your commissions every month!

5. Retail Sales
Another awesome advantage to being a member of ProWealthSolutions is that not only do you get all of this powerful training for just $34.95 per month, but you also get FULL RESALE RIGHTS to it, allowing you to make even MORE MONEY anytime someone goes to your retail product page and places an order for one of our products!

There is no limit as to how many people you can sell your products to or how much income you can make by doing it!

ProWealth Solutions

To Your Success,

Chad P. Flick


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