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Monday, September 18, 2006

How to Make a 3,124% profit without Doing anything

I was compelled to post this email that was sent to me today from
one of my mentors! I have the great fortune to have her as my
sponsor in several of my internet marketing projects, and you'll
see why she is so successful after you read this compelling email
about one of those projects:


Admin HTA- How to Make a 3,124% profit without Doing anything.

Hi Chad

Let me ask you a question?

Would you invest $34.95 a month if you
could gain a monthly income of $1092
without doing a thing?

If the answer is no, you need not read
on because you are one of the 95%
of the people working on the net who
are destined to fail.

If your answer is yes, you have just recognized
a way to make a return on your investment
of 3,124% profit without doing a thing and now
you are talking my language

A little history...

I often get emails from people who
are discouraged because they haven't
made gobs of money the first month
they joined a program. In fact they
haven't made any money at all.

So what do they do?
They Quit.

Quitting is a sure way never to make
any money on the net.

It's a self fulfilling prophesy.

If you quit a program, you will never
make any money from it. This I can
guarantee you.

You must start to think in a business like
manner when you join a program on the

That means you must

1) Know what the program is and understand
it's pay plan.

2) Run the numbers on the pay plan and see
what is needed to get into profit and what
your potential return on investment is and
what the time element is for getting into

If you don't do these two thing, I can guarantee
you, you will not make money on the net and you
will keep sending off frustrated letters to program
owners blaming them for what may be your own
short sightedness and inability to understand
how a profit is achieved.

Yesterday I wrote an article for the Web Pro Times
which takes a program that many of you have
joined called Pro Wealth Solutions and I ran the
numbers for you. This is the program.

Bottom line: If you do nothing at all for a year
it is likely that you can realize a monthly income
of $1092 for a monthly investment of 34.95 and
that's a 3,124% profit.

But....You must be prepared to go out a year
paying your 34.95 per month without a profit
or with a small return until your matirx fills.

If you quit in the middle...well I think you get the

Here's the article with the numbers.

Read the aritcle.The principal applies to
almost any program you join on the net.

Make Your week a profitable one.

Join a program that interests you and then...
Don't Quit.

All the best


Jane Mark


I hope you were as inspired as I am!

To Your Success,

Chad P. Flick

P.S. Put The Power Of Integration Marketing To Work For You!


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