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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Is It Possible To Earn Money While You Sleep?

At first to many newbies & those struggling to
make any money online this will seem like an
incredibly outlandish statement.

Almost, everyday I get asked either by friends or
by e-mail from a reader how can they too earn money
working from home? Here's what I tell them every
single time.

In a hurry to get started
earning money while you sleep?

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First, are you asking me "how would I go about it"
or are you asking me to give you "advice on how YOU
can get started working from home yourself?" This
is something you need to clarify in your approach
to getting started. Let me explain what I mean.

If I was going to be getting started again today
building an online business from home I would
target a niche market and build a web site
offering free information and resources so
I can build an e-mail list of persons interested
in this type of product or service. Then market
suitable niche back end services & products.

On the other hand if you asked for my advice on
how you can get started working from home, I would
tell you to first identify a skill or hobby you
enjoy doing and discover a way you can get paid
to do it working from home!

See the difference? What I would do and what I
recommend you do is two different things. My
talents and skills are in other fields than
to yourself so mimicking what i do mightn't
suit you or your plans.

However, the concepts and principles I will share
with you are timeless and if adopted and added to
your life and business are worth many thousands
of dollars every year to you.

It doesn't matter what the product or service is
you want to first build a database of customers
who are interested in this type of product/service.
How do you do this? Offer a FREE report, ebook
or mini course on the benefits of using your
product or service.

Lesson to be learned... "We each have our own
path in life to follow. Find your own way."

Recommended FREE resource...

To Your Success,

Chad P. Flick

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