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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Words Of Inspiration

Today, I thought I would share this email I recieved From Michael Starr Reed the CEO of Global Domains International, with words of inspiration, that really had an impact, and thought you might be able to get the same effects as I did. This mentality will work for whatever business you are involved in, but this happens to pertain to my GDI business. Enjoy:

Subject: Chad, this is important - regarding social proof and GDI

Hello Chad,

This is Michael Starr Reed, the CEO of Global Domains International.

I wanted to send you a quick email to let you know about something that will have a positive impact on your GDI business.

Are you familiar with the term "social proof"?

Social proof is a psychological phenomenon in which people see others behaving in a certain way, and therefore assume that behavior is an appropriate mode of behavior; or when they see people they esteem approve of something, they themselves will
approve of it.

Celebrity endorsements of products is a perfect example of social proof.

However, you don't have to be a celebrity to use this phenomenon to your advantage in marketing GDI.

We have some affiliates who have PERSONALLY referred over ONE THOUSAND!!! people to our company, on their first level alone.

The only way they were able to do this is by relaying their excitement about GDI to the people they were sharing the opportunity with.

And social proof is even more powerful when a group of people is involved.

Have you ever noticed how riots get started?

Sometimes it begins with just a small group of people who become emotionally charged about one topic or another. Soon others around them "pick up" on that emotion and believe it to be their own, and it spreads like wildfire, doesn't it?

Riots of course, are negative. However, changing people's lives for the better by sharing GDI with them is a VERY good thing.

Would you put the power of social proof to work for you, if you knew it was affecting those around you in a positive way?

To refer hundreds or THOUSANDS of people to GDI and earn an enormous income, your prospects must sense YOUR excitement.

Testimonials are great, but a hundred written testimonials won't do you near as much good as sharing your own excitement. Your prospects can pick up on this even while you're talking on the phone.

Did you know that even on the telephone, over 90% of the actual communication is not what you say, but how you say it? That's true, and it means your tone of voice and excitement both play MORE of a role in how your prospects will react to you than
what you say!

When you have a group of people together, such as when sharing the DVD with more than one other person, and making sure they are able to pick up on your contagious excitement, the "group dynamic" makes the overall effect even more powerful.

Consider yourself "The FireStarter" Chad. Give the people you know and meet the gift of a burning desire to change their lives for the better.

Raising your excitement level alone, and not being afraid to share that excitement with others - could mean more to you in terms of income than anything else you decide to do.

Remember that you have full control over your own thoughts and feelings. You CAN make a decision to get excited. It's amazing, but your attitude is 100% controlled by YOU.

And by just making the decision to get as excited as you can possibly be about the opportunity you have with GDI, your ACTION, and your INCOME will increase exponentially.

Have a great day Chad!

Michael Starr Reed
CEO, Global Domains International

Hope it inspired you like it did me, for whatever business you are promoting!

To Your Success,

Chad P. Flick


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