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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Hurricane Katrina And My Friend

I had the really good fortune today, to hear from a good friend of mine that lives in Metairie, LA. I met him through a business opportunity that we were in together. He went through Hurricane Katrina and is still going through the effects that Katrina has had on all of those people down there.

After talking to Gerald (I call him Jerry) today he told me that he put up a blog about the experiences that he went through and is going through, along with some pictures of the kind of damage that went along with the hurricane. I wanted to share Gerald Savage's Hurricane Katrina Blog with you too, so you can see just what it was like to be in a hurricane. When I told him I would keep him in my prayers he said to me, "Well Thanks Chad, but you should really pray for those who are less fortunate than me, like living in their cars, or some don't even have that." I said Ok Jerry, how about if I pray for all of you :-)

Here's his blog:

Thanks for letting me share my friends experience with you!

Chad P. Flick


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