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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Has This Technology Been Overlooked?

I found out about new marketing technology I guess about a year and a half 2 years ago, that I plan on putting into action in the near future. I seen that quite a few "Big Time" internet marketers were actually already using it. In my opinion, this technology ranks right up there with RSS syndication. While you may be aware of how RSS syndication works, as you are reading this now, and how many people have overlooked BOTH forms of communication. You may not have known about this other new marketing technology Im talking about, so I wanted to share this new information with you today.

Desktop Marketer is the cutting-edge new software that is the first to bring "direct-to-desktop" marketing technology to the small-business market.

E-mail marketing is becoming more and more difficult in light of new spam laws, increased filtering, and hoardes of vicious spammers making it tough to get legitimate e-mail into the inboxes of the customers and subscribers who want it.

And that means it's time to look for new ways to reach online audiences to build relationships and, ultimately, increase sales.

With Desktop Marketer, you can bypass e-mail altogether and deliver messages STRAIGHT to the desktops of your customers' and subscribers' computers.

That means you have a constant, private communication channel that is NOT filled with other people's messages and is NOT interrupted by third-party "filters" or "blockers" -- so your messages get read every time... guaranteed!

The best part is that this technology is SO NEW that only the wealthy Fortune 500 companies have used it until now... So people using Desktop Marketer to send promotions to their customers and subscribers now have an incredible "first-to-market" advantage over their competitors -- at least until the rest of the small-business market catches on!

To Your Success,

Chad P. Flick


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