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Monday, April 17, 2006

Me And Viral Marketing

If you've been a subscriber for awhile you already know
I'm a huge fan of Viral Marketing!

You may want to know about this new viral traffic
that is out of control. Your ads will not stop
and they will grow like a "Pig Virus" while they are
seen by thousands daily.

The success behind this is because of MyViralAds

It is the most revolutionary advertising program
of the year. And it's F-R-E-E.

This program is like having your ads on Adwords (R)
from Google (R) and having them exit out of
every website that is related to your product
or service.

Yes, imagine what would happen if you combined
Fly-In-Ads and Google Adwords (R)

Yeah! - Your ads would be so viral they would
go nuts

Plus your downline grows whenever someone
clicks on the ad that comes back to

And to top it all off, many members upgrade
at the Free site and you get paid commission
on signups to your paypal on a 2-teir affiliate

I am sure you would wnat to review it for yourself
so check it out here for more info.

Good luck with your marketing!!

Chad P. Flick


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