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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Let Your Screensaver Do Your Marketing

What if you could suddenly jolt your marketing efforts by injecting a massive stream of fresh traffic into your site?

With ScreenBlaze, you can now earn traffic for every minute your computer's screensaver is running!

You no longer have to waste time. Leave your computer running all day and night if you want. As long as the screensaver is on, you're driving traffic to your site.

The best part is, it's F-r-e-e and you can get started in the next 30 seconds.

ScreenBlaze makes use of previously wasted computer time. Before ScreenBlaze, when your computer was simply sitting there idle, nothing was happening. Now, after you take 30 seconds to install our F-r-e-e screensaver, you'll start earning credits for every single minute your screensaver is running, no matter how long you leave it there.

You can earn traffic while other people's screensavers run. As if it wasn't enough to earn traffic while your own screensaver runs, for each person you refer to ScreenBlaze, 10 levels deep (more on this later), you'll be earning traffic while their screensavers run as well. Just imagine if you had thousands of people who's computers were sitting there running screensavers, earning you traffic!

Turns Screensavers Across the Globe Into Your Traffic Generating Slaves!

To Your Success!

Chad P. Flick

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