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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Create 50+ Niche Web-Sites Before This Friday

This is what YOU'VE been waiting for!...

"Now ANYBODY Can Generate An *Unlimited* Arsenal of
Adsense Style Web-Sites (Filled With Exclusive Content)
Almost Instantly!"

...And with absolutely NO experience needed!

After 4 months of "top secret" development, it's
finally here:

"Instant Niche Web-Site Builder!"

...For the time first ever, you can now create
professional content / Adsense style web-sites
packed with private label content, in just a
few minutes! Each site is customized with *your*
Google Adsense listings (where you earn a commission
every time somebody comes to your site and clicks
on one of the ads displayed), and *your* affiliate
banner (the affiliate banner of your choice).

The most amazing part? ...This software is *yours*
for no additional cost, as an active member of IGR

(...If you're not already an IGR member, sign up
right away at!)

(NOTICE: This software is SO new it's not even listed
on the IGR sales page yet - but immediately upon
becoming an IGR member you'll be able to login
and start creating instant web-sites of your very own!)

...I'm aware of at least several online membership
programs offering just 3-5 customizable Adsense
web-sites or web-site templates per month (on topics/
that they choose to release) as their featured service,
and charging up to $47 per month for it! ...With
IGR's Instant Niche Web-Site Builder software, you're
able to generate unlimited web-sites on the keywords
and topics of YOUR choice, for NO ADDITIONAL COST
as an active member!

Wanna see a sample? Here's a site that was created
in under 5 minutes using Instant Niche Web-Site Builder...

Instant Niche Web-Site Builder is packed with exclusive
features and benefits (you definitely won't find this
software ANYwhere else!)...

-Generate unique web-sites based on the keywords &
topics of your choice - and do it almost instantly!

-Choose from a handful of professional templates
(additional templates will be added in upcoming

-Key placement of Google Adsense ads to maximize
visitor clickthroughs!

-Dynamically inserted news feeds based on your
chosen keywords to attract additional search engine

-Keyword rich, private label content straight from
IGR's exclusive article database! This is a major
advantage, as it means the sites you create will be
as unique as possible... Our software pulls articles
from throughout the IGR database based on the keyword(s)
you enter (vs. generating sites from article "packs"
where everybody ends up using the exact same set of

-All sites can be customized in just about any way you
desire (add content, modify existing content, change
templates, add additional affiliate links, change color
schemes, etc.)!

-Automatically generated Terms of Use and Privacy
Policy page!

-Free upgrades & future versions!

-And much, more!

Click here to sign up for IGR today and have your
first site created and ready to upload in just a
few minutes from now!...

As excited as I am about Instant Niche Site Builder,
I should mention it's just ONE of the many *major*
benefits you receive the moment you become an IGR

Other benefits include instant access to *thousands*
of private label articles including IGR's exclusive
private label article database, access to IGR's
one-of-a-kind Instant Newsletter Generator (which
enables you to generate professional newsletter issues
instantly!), access to *exclusive* niche article packs
and private label product packages (including sales
letters and graphics!) an active members-only forum,
and more!

IGR is *the* place to be if you're serious about
succeeding online and/or as an information marketer!

Sign up TODAY to get a head start on creating your
own arsenal of content / Adsense web-sites with IGR's
all new Instant Niche Site Builder:

Here For Your Success,

Chad P. Flick

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