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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Better Jump On This Fast!

This is from an email that was sent to me today from Rick Butts and Jon Leger that I had to share, and am very excited about doing it! But your going to need to act fast! You'll read all about it
just been released!

It's a big fat PR7 - and you can put your one way link there!

For the rest of April you can place posts or articles about your
business, your product, or whatever on the site with a link back to
your website - and it will not cost you a penny.

This site is being pounded by the major search engines - so be wise
and post good stuff.

The little flags on the top right are translation buttons - so your
article will be translated into those languages and crawled by the
engines (using Google's translation engine) and we are already
getting searches from foreign language queries.

Jon and I encourage you to promote your business - crawl around
the site - and post comments too.

Finally, if you would be so kind as to post a link on any site you
have with higher PR (Page Rank) to Press Release Monkey -

Thanks and happy publishing!

Rick Butts & Jon Leger
Press Release Monkey

Take Advantage, I hope this helps you!

To Your Success,

Chad P. Flick

P.S. Why pay $100. for a classified ad when you can get it for .99 or less?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

great site, but can't find anything about autos...

5:15 PM  

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